Mr Nature

Terms and Policy

  1. Valid Website address (URL) is provided.

  2. Mr. Nature products and applications are represented using official Mr. Nature photography. If an image is not available from Mr. Nature, the use of a Mr. Nature logo is acceptable. The use of Mr. Nature images to represent Mr. Nature products and Mr. Nature products only. Sites found to represent products other than Mr. Nature with a Mr. Nature image will not be listed. See "Image Use" section above for details. Sites found to represent products other than Mr. Nature with a Mr. Nature image after listing will be notified and asked to edit errors. A second notice will be made in 10 days. If site has still not been edited after 20 days from original notification, Mr. Nature will remove the listing and the site will need to be re-submitted through the review form process. Submitting a form does not guarantee a site will be posted.

  3. Descriptions of product must be preceded by Mr. Nature's logo or typed name.
    Example: Mr. Nature Trail Mix. Ambiguous brand sales are a violation of the terms of use for listing of a website and a violation of the terms of use for all Mr. Nature images.

  4. Prices are listed. Customers are interested in two things: Do you have the product they want and how much does it cost. See #5-7 below for more information and to obtain an official Mr. Nature pricing guideline/jobber price sheet.

  5. Applicants for listing of an e-commerce website on agree to the terms and conditions of the listing. Please contact Mr. Nature's Marketing Department for a pricing guideline with the words "Pricing Guideline" in the subject heading. It is the responsibility of the website owner to comply with the pricing guideline. There will be no notification upon removal from the listing for pricing violations.

  6. Application listings must be provided through your website data source. Sites may not be re-routed to the Mr. Nature's website application listings. Doing so misleads customers to believe they are purchasing a product directly from Mr. Nature. Data source files in excel format can be obtained after your website has been approved and upon request. Please email requests to the Marketing Department with "Requesting Price Sheet" in the subject heading.

  7. Customers can purchase product through a secure credit card service on your website. Secure service logos are recommended as proof of security intention and measure.

  8. Contact information must be provided on request as well as posted on the website.
    A phone number to speak to a sales/customer service representative during normal business hours must be provided.
    An email address to contact a sales/customer service representative with concerns about orders.
    A mailing address for communication via standard mail process.

  9. Mr. Nature is listed and or named on website main page (index). This can be done in several ways:
    1.) With a logo or Mr. Nature photograph linked to a product page on your website with Mr. Nature product content.
    2.) A search by manufacturer field on the website home page.
    3.) Direct listing linked to product pages on your website with Mr. Nature product content.

  10. E-commerce sites seeking listing on concurrently sign-up to be Mr. Nature Authorized users. All applicable Authorized Dealer guidelines are an extension of these terms and conditions. Please contact us for Authorized Dealer guidelines.

  11. Authorized Users status is a privileged distinction established to represent Mr. Nature re-sellers qualified to be as such. The distinction is made by Mr. Nature and/or its representatives to include jobber/retailer establishments, dealerships, and e-commerce business sites practicing within the guidelines of distribution as outlined in the Authorized Dealer agreement.

  12. Permission to use, download, copy, print, publish, distribute, the materials found on this site for the purpose of e-commerce is granted for Authorized Users of Mr. Nature Products.
    In addition to the above listed requirements, random site reviews will be conducted monthly. Mr. Nature reserves the right to add/remove any listing at its sole discretion. Sites removed will need to be re-submitted using the form provided requesting website review.
    Site Review Form
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    *Terms and conditions subject to change without notice